Pictures are worth a million words…and a couple dollars.

Instagram is one of the biggest picture sharing social sites that I can, at the moment, think of. with slight competitors like flickr and the lesser used photobucket. But Instagram is offer the opportunity to make any amateur-professional Instagrammer a little money.

We all know have those days that you catch a hummingbird at a bush, or the sun reflecting off the tension of the lake surface rippling ever so slightly because of the dragonfly that landed on a lily a couple feet away or better even the plate just brought to you by the sexy mexican waiter who obviously has a thing for you which leads to some filling pictures of her in just an apron with……well, you get the picture. lol. Point is that Instagram will take some of those unforgettable moments and compensate you for enjoying life. Thats fair if you ask me.

Click below or scan the code and find out how you can start

Money’s In The Picture

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