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Okay you can’t tell me that doesn’t sound like the bees-knees. Well im sure you interpreted wrong, this post is for the everyday ninja, sorry. But while I’m here I might aswell read the rest of the post. My thoughts exactly. So i know we all daydream of having nothing short of kung fu fights with the people we hate, but would not dare perform an act of such awesome-ness without the right hired string pullers and appropriate harnesses. In the meantime you can flaunt your inner ninja with these shoes called tabi. In actuality, this shoe isn’t the result of a wicked ninja beginning, sucks but still. I personally dont’t have a pair, I have seen them in action in a few gyms but I plan to have a pair soon. Like before a lot of you read this post, soon.       

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“The worldwide known Japanese Tabi or “Ninja Shoes” was invented by Ishibashi Tokujiro in 1923. At that time, his company, called Japanese Tabi, which developed the concept and rubber used to make the foot wear, was sold to and became a subsidiary of Asahi Breweries Ltd. The company was based in Kurume City in Southern Fukuoka Prefecture. “

Now this is the thing, we gotta spread the word about tabi. There are some real perks to wearing them. Better grip, more control, increased balance, heightened awareness, I’m sure the list grows. The sensation of walking barefoot with none of the worry is a little nudge in the direction of bliss. I swear if they made clothes that felt like practically nothing, to complete the nude feel, I’d buy them.


Check em’ out!!!

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